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iPhone X Mobile Cover and iPhone XR Mobile Cover

iPhone X Mobile Covers

Apple Inc. is at it again; the way they keep their users hooked to their products is commendable. iPhone has revolutionized the mobile phone industry. With its state of the art design and equally superior technology, it never ceases to amaze. Apple has come up with new iPhones every year but this time we will discuss iPhone X Mobile Covers and iPhone XR. The eleventh and Twelfth generation of iPhone, respectively. Like all the other phones launched by them, these iPhones have their own unique features, which makes them the better version of their predecessor.

Unique Features of iPhone X:

  • iPhone X was released in November 2018. With the launch of the iPhone X, many firsts feature in this mobile. To start; it is with iPhone X that Apple began its “Super Retina” display feature. Super Retina display is responsible for giving higher resolution; it is increasing the pixel density. The increase in pixel density is responsible for better visual quality in iPhone X.
  • Another firsts’ which set the trend for iPhones is the Face ID feature, which has replaced the home button. This technology helps the users to unlock their iPhone or help them to log in to their app by authenticating your face using infrared and visible lights.
  • Next in the firsts for iPhone is the Animoji, which also debuted with iPhone X. For Animoji, which stands for Animated Emoji, Apple uses its front-facing camera, and it replicates your facial expression into the selected character. This one proved to be a massive hit amongst the users as it became an amusing way to communicate.
  • The body of the iPhone X is built with a stainless steel band, and both the side of the iPhone X is covered with Gorilla Glass. To complement the looks of the iPhone X, one can purchase elegant and smart looking iPhone X Mobile Covers from Dazzle Cases at a very reasonable amount.

Features setting apart iPhone XR

  • iPhone XR was launched in October 2018. This twelfth generation iPhone comes with a 3GB Ram, which can be extended in three storage capacities of 64GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB. iPhone XR was the bestselling model for Apple in the year 2018.
  • The display of 6.1 inches in the iPhone XR is slightly bigger than iPhone X. It has the same Face id and Water-resistant features which are there in iPhone X
  • While making the iPhone XR, this time, Apple used a durable 7000 series aerospace-grade aluminum frame instead of the stainless steel frame, thus, making the phone lighter than others.
  • iPhone XR is available in six colors, namely; white, black, blue, coral, yellow, and Red. Adding to these beautiful finishes, an iPhone XR Mobile Cover would do more justice to the overlook of the phone, which is available on the Dazzle Cases website.

Dazzle Cases provides exclusive ranges of the covers and accessories related to mobile phones. The much sought out iPhone X Mobile Covers and iPhone XR Mobile Cover are available in various attractive and unique designs and that too it can be purchased at a very reasonable price.

iPhone X and XR Mobile Back Cover & Cases

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